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You win battles by knowing an enemies timing and using a timing which the enemy does not expect

—Miyamoto Musashi (via 21stcenturymaroons)

(via obstakel)


Several of Aristotle’s writings have survived only by a fortunate chance. Around 80 B.C., the men of a Roman army invading Asia Minor found a number of manuscripts of Aristotle’s works in a pit and brought them to their general, Sulla. It turned out that no other copies of many of them existed, and Sulla had them taken to Rome and recopied

(Source: allfunandgames.ca)

Being late               If someone farts or belches, or misses the appointed time and does not appear in the Fechtschule, shall – if it is by his fault – pay one Fribourg shilling. The money shall be laid in a box and be consumed by the pupils.

—'Fencing Ordinance of the Swiss town of Solothurn', 23rd July, 1546, trans Jurg Gassman, http://www.hroarr.com/fechtordnung-of-the-city-of-solothurn/

A few days away from the internet and work was good for me, but it hasn’t been an easy, laid back time. Today wasn’t enjoyable, and I did a stupid commute just to get some good historical fencing in.